Fast Forward International Takes Furniture Delivery to New Heights (Literally!)

fast forward international access delivery london

Here at Fast Forward International, we're no strangers to a good challenge. Let's just say, our first job for a new client in central London definitely fit’s the bill!

It wasn't your average furniture delivery. This special request involved some seriously bespoke pieces, and let's just say, getting them to their new home wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Think restricted access, a temporary road closure, and an extra-long ladder! (We've got a picture to prove it, check it out!)

But fear not! Our crack delivery crew rose to the occasion, navigating the tight squeeze and scaling new heights (quite literally) to ensure this beautiful furniture arrived safely and securely. The customer? Absolutely thrilled!

So, if you've got a unique delivery challenge,  Fast Forward International is here to get the job done.


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Haulage Life in the fast lane!

F1 simulators loaded pallets fast forward international 1

Not all our challenges involve international movements, this mission was the second time we had been asked to assist a long-standing client.

After a successful F1 arcade set up in London, our customer required us to repeat the process in Birmingham. The venues used tend to be in city centre locations, with mainly pedestrian access and of course very restrictive delivery times. Our client had committed to a precise schedule set over 3 nights to ensure that opening night took place without any glitches. Our job, behind the scenes, was to make sure that those promises were kept on our client’s behalf. At Fast Forward we are firm believers in teamwork and enjoying the challenges along the way!

Race simulation has come a long way, and our client is at the cutting edge of this very popular sport. One of the perks of the job for our Depot Manager, Lee, was having the opportunity to try out one of their racing rigs at the customer’s premises prior to the F1 installation. He can vouch that it’s a very immersive experience, being a bit of a gamer (an old one!), he reported back that it was very enjoyable!

As part of a large group, Fast Forward International has the added benefit of our own in-house equipment that is purpose built for this type of operation. The plan was to use tautliners with Moffetts (forklifts), however, due to the large amount of equipment being installed over a short period of time, we called on one of our long-term subcontractors (again with Moffetts) to lend a hand. They have assisted us many times and have the same ethos as ourselves. We also have a very dedicated team of drivers (the pit crew), who go the extra mile to get the job done. These days they are not just drivers, they make sure that the freight arrives in perfect condition and on time, and, in this case, they also dealt with the offloading at the delivery point. They protected the cargo from the elements until its installation working alongside the technicians on the ground, then made sure that all the packaging was removed from the site and recycled back at base.

I am sure the F1 arcade venues will be a great success, and it’s nice to know that we played a part in making it happen. We certainly had loads of fun, and hopefully took some of the stress out of the job for our client. In fact, a passing comment from our client was ‘you brought such energy and made a really tense part of the job an absolute breeze’.

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Moving freight from Italy to the UK

Fast Forward Freight load from italy to the UK

Just another day at Fast Forward International

Lee Davison is the depot manager at Fast Forward International, part of the furniture some people may say! You never know what you are going to be asked to move next, and even after 30 years at the firm there is always something new going on. It’s the variety and the challenge that we enjoy, and a recent out of gauge movement from Italy to the UK is just another one of those can you help us out questions!

This particular shipment, on paper was too high & long for a conventional trailer, the easy option for most would be to arrange two low-loader trailers, but as you can appreciate the customer had a strict budget and part of the challenge is to find another way. This is what sets us apart from other forwarding firms and its great to have the freedom to get involved in any market. Therefore we decided the best equipment for this consignment would be an extending low loader, which would achieve the goal in one movement.

Prior to the wheels moving, we requested precise dimensions of all the equipment & weights, so that we could plan the best position of each item within the load and formulate a loading plan. Then we asked the client to send us all the commercial invoices and packing lists, so that we could also take control of the customs formalities required in Italy and the UK.

The loading date was set by the client, as they wanted to see the loading for themselves out it Italy, especially when the Italian shipper thought it would not be possible to load everything on one truck. The driver arrived as planned at the collection point out it Italy and between the driver, our customer and the handling staff, our plan was successful. This is when that attention to detail before the wheels start moving is rewarded, the collection point were so impressed that they even let the driver use the shower!

The following day the driver started his journey back to the UK, no issues with customs in Italy or in the UK, and even made the delivery back to the client in the UK the same week. The client was so impressed that we have been asked to complete more missions in the future!

Contact any of the departments at Fast Forward International through This link

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Bideford Carnival 2023

Bideford Carnival xplosion dance cheer 3

Evans Transport is proud to have provided the vehicle for the Xplosion Dance and Cheer group to perform on during the Bideford Carnival. The group, which consists of children of all ages, put on a spectacular performance, and Evans Transport was delighted to be able to help them make it happen.

The truck was driven by Richard Palmer, who has been with Evans Transport for two and a half years. Richard takes a lot of pride in his vehicle, and it showed at the carnival. The truck was beautifully decorated, and Richard was a great ambassador for Evans Transport.

Richard has also won three commendations at recent truck shows for how well he looks after his vehicle. These are:

  • 1st – Devon truck show in May – highly commended
  • 2nd – Cornwall truck show in July – highly commended
  • 3rd – Truckfest South west September – highly commended

Evans Transport is a local company that is committed to supporting the local community. We are proud to have been able to help the Xplosion Dance and Cheer group with their performance at the Bideford Carnival. We wish them all the best for the future. If you want to see what they are up to then you can find them on Facebook here

For all your General Haulage needs contact Evans Transport from here

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Seymour Transport at Truckfest 2023

seymour transport truckfest 2023 13


Seymour Transport had a successful day at Truckfest 2023, the UK's largest truck festival. The event was held at the Cheshire County Showground on August 26-27, 2023, and Seymour Transport had a stand in the main exhibition hall.

The stand was busy throughout the day, with visitors interested in learning more about Seymour Transport's services and products. Seymour Transport staff were on hand to answer questions and provide information on our Haulage capabilities which extend to Mechanical Offload Vehicles, Silo Powder tanks and Cement Tankers.

Seymour Transport also had a number of vehicles on display at the stand, including its new range of articulated lorries. Visitors were able to get up close and personal with the vehicles.

Seymour Transport was also pleased to welcome a number of customers and potential customers to the stand. These visitors were able to learn more about Seymour Transport's commitment to providing high-quality services.

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11 New fuel efficient Scania Trucks - Reducing our carbon footprint

new scania haulage trucks evanstransport

Evans Transport is proud to announce the arrival of 11 new Scania vehicles to its fleet. As part of the company’s commitment to delivering efficiency and sustainability, these vehicles are designed to offer increased reliability, lower fuel consumption and a reduced carbon footprint.

The vehicles boast a range of features including advanced driver assistance systems, improved aerodynamics and advanced fuel-efficient engines. The fleet also includes the latest Euro 6-compliant vehicles, which meet the latest environmental standards and ensure the lowest possible emissions.

The new Scania vehicles are helping Evans Transport to deliver the highest possible standards of service to its customers. By investing in the latest technology and equipment, the company is able to reduce its environmental impact and provide a better service to its customers.

The new vehicles also demonstrate the commitment of Evans Transport to its staff, the advanced safety systems help to ensure the safety of all drivers. With a range of features including lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, the new vehicles are helping to make Evans Transport one of the safest fleets on the roads.

The new Scania’s are fitted with a range of driver comforts such as a fridge, heated and cooled leather seats, microwave, captains chair, rear cab lockers and more!

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Brick & Block delivery from our Builders yard in North Devon

Evans transport brick and block delivery north devon 04

At Evans Transport, we understand the importance of delivering goods that our clients need, when they need them. That’s why we have invested heavily in our Builders yard, ensuring that we have the resources and capabilities to load our Crane vehicles with a variety of materials, including sand and aggregate, bricks, and blocks.

Our team of experienced transport planners are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service. We strive to make sure that the materials you purchase are in safe hands and are delivered on time when you need them.

Our yard is a hive of activity, as hauliers we make sure that the vehicles and trailers are loaded to the highest of standards. We take great pride in making sure that the material is loaded safely and securely, and that the contents are protected during the journey. We use a variety of loading tools, including forklifts and cranes, this ensures loading is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced staff also ensure that the vehicles are loaded in the most cost-effective manner, helping to reduce transport costs for the customer as well as providing CO2 savings. We understand that each client has different requirements, and we make sure that we tailor our service to their individual needs.

At Evans Transport, we understand that delivering goods is about more than just transporting them from A to B. We strive to provide the highest quality of service, from loading to delivery. We’re proud of our Builders yard, and we’re committed to making sure that our clients receive the highest level of service.

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New Renault 8m Tridem Concrete Mixer

Evans transport concrete mixer bideford north devon 3

We have recently taken delivery of this New Renault 8m Tridem Mixer.

The Tridem concept allows larger vehicles to access areas which before could only be done with smaller axle configurations but also allowing a larger capacity to be delivered at anyone time. This features the latest Euro 6 technology so as well as less trips helps to further reduce our carbon footprint.

For any Concrete, Sweeper or Interlocking concrete block enquiries please give us a call 0n 01237 473 729 email us from HERE or through our website at


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Evans Transport Golf Day 2022

Evans transport golf day charity rndgc 2

The 2022 annual Evans Transport Golf day was held at The Royal North Devon Golf Club at Westward Ho! on Wednesday 20th July. 44 Players from all over the country took part in an individual format for the "Claret Jug" and the team prize of Pro shop merchandise!

The individual winner with an awesome 47 Stableford points was Kevin Wills

The winning team consisted of Steve Payne, James Guard, Ian Gooding and Paul Holstead.

After an excellent dinner Tom Evans was auctioneer for some superb "prizes" donated by Hankook Tyres, Exeter Racecourse and of course there was a model Scania Evans Transport truck auctioned too!

In total there was in excess of £1700 raised for the very worthwhile charity - The North Devon Hospice

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10 New Drawbar Trucks hit the road

Evans transport drawbars construction material haulage 8

First new drawbars hit the road

This year will see 10 new Drawbars hit the road for the Evans Transport Group. 7 will be in the Classic colours of Green and Red whilst the other 3 will be in the Livery of Seymour Transport.

Here is 1 of our 2 new Volvo trucks which have recently been put on the road to expand our crane operations in the construction sector.

As you can see from the pictures the main purpose of this group of vehicles is to deliver construction materials to both yards and building sites around the country. This truck supplied by Stuarts Truck and Bus of Exeter and is 1 of 4 to hit the road in 2022. The first 2 have arrived with Atlas 135 remote control cranes complete with Brick grab attachments supplied from Atlas crane and are completed with new drawbar trailers from Truck and trailer conversions and retractable curtains supplied by TWR.  The other 2 will be coming later in 2022. The trucks have the latest Euro VI engines to help reduce CO2 emissions as well as providing a good level of comfort for the drivers.

Company Director Tom Evans says: “It’s great to see the first trucks joining the fleet. It is a difficult time getting new equipment at present with the delays the world is seeing in microchips and other components that are needed to get these vehicles on the road. As part of our ongoing renewal an expansion program we will see more to come this year as well as some more in the traditional artic variant. Running new equipment helps reduce our carbon footprint and helps keep downtime to a minimum. The feedback from the drivers has been very pleasing so it will be good to see how the various components on this model performs.”

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Exeter Chiefs Match Ball Sponsors

Match ball sponsor ball presentation before the game - Mandatory by-line: Andy Watts/JMP - 27/03/2022 - RUGBY - Sandy Park - Exeter, England - Exeter Chiefs v Leicester Tigers - Gallagher Premiership Rugby

Collecting the Match ball is Seb Sanders with Ben Moon and Christ Tshiunza.

This weekend Evans Transport were fortunate enough to sponsor the match ball for the Exeter chiefs v Leicester Tigers game.

It was a tough game with The Chiefs coming out second best on this occasion losing 22-17.

However this still leaves them in 4th place with a losing bonus point and Leicester extending their lead at the top of the table.

A great day was had by all.

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CRY's Charity Boxing - Cardiac Risk in the Young

Evans Transport charity boxing Cardiac Risk in the Young 5

We would like to congratulate Lyon Franks with his win over opponent Paul Ebsworthy on Saturday nights charity boxing match.

Lyon who works in the commercial workshop as our inhouse tyre fitter decided to get involved in CRY’s (Cardiac Risk in the Young) fight night to raise money for a charity who focus on preventing sudden deaths in the young through awareness screening and research, as well as supporting affected families.

He has had to wait over a year for his opportunity with COVID preventing the event from running.

We were fortunate to sponsor Lyon's bout which resulted in a victory for him after the 1st round.

Well done to both fighters and on raising money for a well deserved charity.

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Collectable Evans Transport Truck

Evans Transport model truck collectable

Now available in very limited numbers is a die-cast metal "collectable" Evans Transport Scania Truck.

There are only 200 made and there are less than 100 left already so don't miss out on this collectable gem available for £198 +p&p
When they are gone they are gone!

Click here for more information and to buy


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Interlocking concrete "Lego Blocks"

concrete products lego bricks evans transport devon 11

We are now able to produce concrete interlocking "Lego blocks". This product is great for creating storage bays, partitions, retaining walls, test weights and site security as well as many other things.

The Block depending on size is fitted with 1 or 2 lifting pins which can have a clinch attached for easy movement with a forklift, telehandler or tractor.

The blocks have been made using premium grade concrete to ensure integrity and strength. We have varying sizes available.

Please see our website for more details.  


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Evans Transport Golf Day 2021

Evans Transport golf day

This week saw the annual Evans Transport Golf Day which is always hosted by the oldest course in England - The Royal North Devon Golf Club.

The field was slightly reduced at the last minute due to Covid concerns but there were well over 20 players travelling from all over the country to compete.

The winner of the individual prize with a superb 39 Stableford points (off a 2 handicap) was Tom Haley from and in second place was Paul Glyn who was a guest of  SR Furniture

The 1st team prize went to:
Darren Hill from Atlas Packaging
Tom Haley & Mark Loudwill from Bott Ltd
Keith Valder - Guest.

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New Aggregate Tippers

Tipper 4 2

Our replacement and growth programme continues with these new DAF CF480 and Wilcox aggregate tippers. These were purchased purposely for a new contract hauling clay throughout Devon. The truck comes with all the mod cons including a fridge, microwave and sat nav. Thanks to the lightweight axle and chassis this specific combination will carry in excess of 29 tonnes.
If you have any bulk haulage requirements or would like to join our growing team please contact us on 01392 833030 and one of our team will be able to give you all the information you require.

Tipper 1_resize
Tipper 2 2
Tipper 3 2
Tipper 4 2
Tipper 5 2

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New Renault Sweeper

Evans Transport Sweeper 1 R

We have recently added a brand new sweeper to our fleet. This 16 tonne Renault comes with the very latest technology from Bucher (was Johnston) Sweepers. The V65 model is equipped with duel sweep technology, wander vacuum and a high-pressure water system to help wash as well as sweep, ensuring a great finish. It is an ideal tool for cleaning new builds, car parks and litter collecting.
This sweeper is available to hire all around the county of Devon.
To find out more or to book this vehicle please call 01237 474787

Click Here - to view 


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Concrete Batching Plant

Evans transport concrete batching 4 950 insta

As many of our regular customers were aware we had to shut down our own plant over the Christmas break and nearly New Year to make way for our brand new Wet Batch Plant. This new conveyor and mixing unit supplied by Dan Foss is state of the art technology which provides consistent mixes every time. The main difference to the old plant is that the new plant now mixes the concrete ready for use as opposed to the mixer truck doing the work. The benefit of this is the customer can pick up a load of concrete without having to wait for a vehicle. This reduces wear and tear on mixer trucks and due to the technology is a greener way of making concrete.

Should you require a collection or delivery please call our team who will be happy to assist. 01237 472359

Click Here - For More Information


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Wessex and Devon Truck Shows

Evans Transport truck show wessex 09

With COVID still and the forefront of everyone’s mind no one was sure whether truck shows would be happening this year.

However with exceptional planning from the event operators the shows have started to happen.

Over the last 2 weekends our guys have been busy polishing up their lorries to show at both the Wessex and Devon Truck show and yet again they have got them looking their finest with Tanks and wheels so shiny that you can see your reflection in them.

As well as our old ERF which was introduced 6 years ago for our 50th anniversary we now have revealed our latest reconditioned Volvo FL10. This was shown and received a highly commended award at Wessex show.

We still have a few finishing touches to get the old girl into true Evans Transport memorabilia but good things come to those who wait.

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VE Day - A day to remember.

Evans Transport VE Day

Today the 8th May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe).

It is a time to remember all those who served for us in WWII so we could have a better future. Here at Evans Transport we have supported our driver Richard from our Bulk Haulage (who also undertakes a lot charity work for the Braunton Royal Bristish Legion) by redecorating the truck he drives with poppy memorabilia and the important dates of VE Day and VJ Day.

Richard should have been showing this at local events however due current coronavirus lockdown all event have been cancelled. Have a look at the pictures of what Richard has had applied (thanks to double Print signs).

As it is a bank holiday why not raise a glass so we remember and give thanks to all serviceman who have past, present and future, put their lives first to protect us and our country.


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Not all our challenges involve international movements, this mission was the second time we had been asked to assist a long-standing client. After a successful F1 arcade set up in London, our customer required us to repeat the process in Birmingham. ...

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