Moving freight from Italy to the UK

Fast Forward Freight load from italy to the UK

Just another day at Fast Forward International

Lee Davison is the depot manager at Fast Forward International, part of the furniture some people may say! You never know what you are going to be asked to move next, and even after 30 years at the firm there is always something new going on. It’s the variety and the challenge that we enjoy, and a recent out of gauge movement from Italy to the UK is just another one of those can you help us out questions!

This particular shipment, on paper was too high & long for a conventional trailer, the easy option for most would be to arrange two low-loader trailers, but as you can appreciate the customer had a strict budget and part of the challenge is to find another way. This is what sets us apart from other forwarding firms and its great to have the freedom to get involved in any market. Therefore we decided the best equipment for this consignment would be an extending low loader, which would achieve the goal in one movement.

Prior to the wheels moving, we requested precise dimensions of all the equipment & weights, so that we could plan the best position of each item within the load and formulate a loading plan. Then we asked the client to send us all the commercial invoices and packing lists, so that we could also take control of the customs formalities required in Italy and the UK.

The loading date was set by the client, as they wanted to see the loading for themselves out it Italy, especially when the Italian shipper thought it would not be possible to load everything on one truck. The driver arrived as planned at the collection point out it Italy and between the driver, our customer and the handling staff, our plan was successful. This is when that attention to detail before the wheels start moving is rewarded, the collection point were so impressed that they even let the driver use the shower!

The following day the driver started his journey back to the UK, no issues with customs in Italy or in the UK, and even made the delivery back to the client in the UK the same week. The client was so impressed that we have been asked to complete more missions in the future!

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