Fast Forward International Takes Furniture Delivery to New Heights (Literally!)

fast forward international access delivery london

Here at Fast Forward International, we're no strangers to a good challenge. Let's just say, our first job for a new client in central London definitely fit’s the bill!

It wasn't your average furniture delivery. This special request involved some seriously bespoke pieces, and let's just say, getting them to their new home wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Think restricted access, a temporary road closure, and an extra-long ladder! (We've got a picture to prove it, check it out!)

But fear not! Our crack delivery crew rose to the occasion, navigating the tight squeeze and scaling new heights (quite literally) to ensure this beautiful furniture arrived safely and securely. The customer? Absolutely thrilled!

So, if you've got a unique delivery challenge,  Fast Forward International is here to get the job done.


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