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Concrete Products - Concrete interlocking blocks

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Concrete interlocking blocks

Evans Transport are able to provide varying sizes of concrete products.

Using 52.5 CEM 1 cement we can produce high strength interlocking concrete blocks, commonly known as concrete Lego blocks. This type of block is perfect for building retaining walls or storage bays (grain storage, Silage, Aggregate waste etc) as well as using for vehicle / test weights or for building a partition or supporting wall. All the blocks are fitted with 1 or 2 lifting pins and the clinches can also be sent as part of the order.

Our precast concrete blocks are available for collection from our Bideford yard or can be delivered. If you do not have offload facilities we can use our fleet of Crane offload (Hiab) or Forklift offload (Moffett) vehicles to assist in the delivery process.  

The following table shows the size approx. weight and collected price. For deliveries and large enquiries please call our friendly team who will be able to assist on 01237 475 566

Interlocking Concrete Block Size

Approx Weight

Collected Price (plus VAT)
(Volatile due to fuel prices)

1800mm x 600mm x 600mm

1.5 Tonne


1200mm x 600mm x 600mm

1 Tonne


600mm x 600mm x 600 mm

0.5 Tonne


1600mm x 800mm x 800mm

2.3 Tonne


800mm x 800mm x 800mm

1.25 Tonne


We recommend that these concrete interlocking blocks are stacked no higher than 4 high unless you have a drawing done by a structural engineer. We are happy to assist in any requirements they may have.

In addition to the above we are able to offer bagged cement, bagged or loose aggregate and Ready mix concrete.

Concrete Products - Concrete panelling

Evans Transport
Concrete Panelling

In addition to our ready mix plant and Concrete lego blocks we also manufacture high quality prestressed concrete walling panels. These walling panels are a perfect solution for the agricultural, waste, commercial and industrial sectors for both new or existing sheds, warehouses, and other steel structures.

evans transport concrete panellingThe panels are easily put together utilising a tongue and groove system allowing the wall panels to be put up quickly & efficiently as opposed to more costly shuttered walling or traditional blockwork which therefore doesn’t require a foundation. The sections can be either placed between the stanchions or fixed to the face of the steel work. Concrete Walling panels are suitable for both external and internal walls. This flexible solution allows for easier alterations to be completed at future dates.

As the panels are prestressed with 9.3mm wire and with high quality concrete enable the panels to reach strengths more than 50 N.

We can make panels at widths of 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm with thicknesses of both 95mm and 145mm with lengths up to 7m.

The lighter narrower panels are great for housing livestock, machinery storage, racked warehousing and workshop/factory environments whereas the thicker panels evans transport concrete panellingheavier panels are suitable for load bearing applications such as grain stores, sand & aggregate bays, slurry / silage pits and waste transfer stations and scrap yards as well as other applications. The thicker concrete walling panels can be constructed to be either load bear on both sides or one side depending on your needs.

We keep a range of 20ft (6.09m) and 15ft (4.57m) in stock but will manufacturer to the size required. All panels are manufactured with fixing points and lifting eyes and we also keep the fixing plates and clasp in stock should you require them.

With our extensive transport fleet, we control all the movements for the raw materials in and the finished product out to ensure we can offer a competitive, economic and timely solution to ensure you get your product when you require it.

For further information call us on 01237475566 or email

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