•    Continental Tyres system ‘saves’ tyres with low-grade punctures
•    Tyre pressure consistency cuts fuel and wear costs
•    Installed on mix of heavy duty tippers, draw bars and tractor/trailer rigs
•    Roll-out planned on all new additions to fleet and selected existing vehicles

Continental2Evans Transport have introduced the Continental Tyres ContiPressureCheck system on to some of their newer fleet.

Nigel Evans Managing Director said  the system has already saved “a good number” of tyres, on the tipper fleet especially, with ContiPressureCheck alerting his team to slow punctures that could otherwise have gone unnoticed until the tyre was damaged beyond repair.  Evans Transport fits the system itself, including the in-cab monitor that alerts drivers to potentially dangerous and costly pressure changes. 

Nigel added, “Safety and economy are both about a great many factors, but tyres are certainly one of the major ones. We continue to run extensive tests on a range of tyres, everything from new through to remoulds, but, whatever we fit, monitoring pressure is key to ensuring we are doing the best we can. It keeps rolling resistance levels spot on for economy and flags up potential safety issues before they can become real problems.”


Continental system1