Specialist Transport


Within our Specialist Fleet of vehicles we have a low-loader, trombone flats and powder tankers.

Our Low-loader can transport all sorts of commercial or tracked vehicles, tractors and many other types of plant and machinery around the country. With the facility of a winch we are also able to help move immobile vehicles to a place of repair or to a scrap yard.

Our Trombone trailers as well as the low-loader extend to 60ft enabling us to move long sections around the country from wind turbines to long sections of steel. Our standard flats can also cope with many wide load consignments. We also carry all the relevant marker boards which will be needed for your loads.

We also offer a complete solution when it comes to moving abnormal loads, we are able to support the load with a fleet of escort vans which will assist it to their final destination. We can also supply an escort only service if required if you are moving your own loads.

Our powder tankers offer a solution for moving bulk cement, fly ash and other fine powder materials around the country. We are able to offer a competitive price and a reliable service.

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Sand, Aggregate & Concrete

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